Build Your Community

Get more out of your events than ever before and grow your community with our built-in tools.


Each of your followers will have a tailored experience. They'll see events that are local to them and they don't have to worry about what time an event is, because all times are displayed correctly to the viewer.



Whether your event starts at 7 am in Montenegro or 10 pm in Kailua your followers will have the all important details displayed correctly for them no matter where they are.



When people search for your events or calendar, they'll find you and see the exact details of what they're looking for... it's kind of like magic.


Your Smart Calendar

Our business is simple. We connect your community with your events. And it's so easy—just add the Flowh widget to your website and voila! Your calendar is now a smart marketing tool.



Make sure that your followers see the events that matter to them. You can narrow the field of events so that the right people in the right places will know about the right events.



Customize your calendar widget to blend in seamlessly with your website. After all, your events are an essential part of business, your calendar should look like it too.


Flowh In-Action

Check out the Flowh Smart Calendar at work—connecting organizations with their followers and members.

Not sure what to do next? Contact us and we'll show you how.