Flowh 101

The basics of Flowh to help get you started.


You’ve scheduled away your time, but to do what? This can be anything from your annual visit to the dentist to a once in a lifetime concert. Think of “Events” as the integral pieces of any calendar.


It’s date night and you want to know what time the big game starts and when your favorite bar is hosting happy hour. Instead of looking both up, just “Follow” those calendars on Flowh and have instant access in one place. It’s never been easier to keep up to date on what and who you’re interested in.


Whether it’s a solitary event from a Flowh calendar you follow, something you discover while exploring the greater Flowh network, or something you manually enter, it’s simple to “Add’ events to your personal stream so you never miss out.


If we could give you a personal secretary to let you know what you have on tap each day, we would. But we can’t, so we created your “Stream” to show you what’s current and what’s on the horizon for your life. Sort your stream by “All” or “My.”


Customize your calendar with a personal landing page to keep track of your own stream. If you’re a business, tailor your Flowh for brand consistency to leverage the platform for effective marketing.


Edit your privacy settings for any and all events to select who (if anyone) you “Share” each activity with. If you want to share your favorite events on Facebook or Twitter, we make it easy. Be there, do that, and tell people all about it.