Connect With Events

Flowh is a simple place for you to connect. Create, share, and discover all the events that matter.

Marketing with Events

Your future events are automatically streamed to your follower's personal Flowh calendars.
They won't have to find time in their schedules to fit you in—you'll already be there. We also make sure they stay in the loop if you make a last minute update.


Keep your Followers
in the Loop

We make it easy for your followers to keep current with all of their upcoming events. Our daily emails remind them what's coming up next, so they'll never miss out on their next favorite memory.

keep connected

Stay Connected

We connect you with your followers. They'll know about your latest and (soon-to-be)
greatest events and in turn, you'll be discovered by your next biggest fan.

be in the know

Customize your Profile

Think of your profile as an extension of your brand. Keep your message and look consistent. Customize your profile and tell your story.

brand consistency